Friday, May 15, 2009

CULTURE : Mirror Mirror on the Wall

How do we start our day? We look at the mirror. How many times a day do we do it? More than the number of meals a day. You got it right.
Mirror has taken a very important role in defining our selves for us. Yet, it is deceptive. When we are looking at the mirror, we unmistakably ask the mirror "How do I look?". And we answer that question ourselves; "I look Ok", "Not so good","I look good today" and so on. Without even our noticing it, we carry that image with us all through the day. A "Not so good" image hampers our confidence and a "looking good" image keeps us smiling the rest of the day.
As this practice continues, we tend to define our self worth according to what we see in the mirror. This article would not be worth writing if we all were wise enough to realize that outer appearance has nothing to do with our inner selves.
Letting a mirror dictate your thoughts and actions about yourselves is pitiable. If you don't act toward achievement because your mirror tells you that you are not capable or that you don't have it in you, you will do good by smashing that mirror to tell it and more importantly, to tell yourself otherwise. We are all what we think we are. Let our deeds and actions, and not the mirror, define that for us.
Let's start disabusing ourselves by spending a day without looking at the mirror. Let's do it today. Ignore the mirror for one whole day. Dress up, tidy your hair and put on your shoes. You will feel something missing. You will be tempted; but hold on. Examine how you feel about yourself today. Do your daily tasks as usual. Now that you are not biased about your looks, give your 100% in whatever it is you are doing. Even if you insist your mirror tells you that you look good, avoid it today. Put your heart and soul at work and prove that you do good irrespective of how you look.
Share your mirror-free experience with us. It surely will help many divest themselves of the delusions of a mirror.

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